Cadet College Chakwal Admission 2017

Cadet College Chakwal is a reputed institute and since 2006 it is giving quality education to the students, that’s why our topic for today is ‘Cadet College Chakwal Admission 2016’. Right now the admissions for both boys are girls are open. The students who want to take admission in the classes of 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th are encouraged to apply through given instructions. For boys and girls, the campuses are separate. This is to provide clean atmosphere to the students where they are able to learn according to Islamic life style. In Cadet College many students are studying from all four provinces as well as from foreign countries. This is one of the most important and positive factor of the college. The environment of campus is ‘safe, secure and pollution free’.

Following we will inform you the major qualities of Cadet College Chakwal separately. For this purpose please read it for your knowledge.

  1. It is a brilliant institute for education as well as skill improvement where students also learn the right and wrong to be a good part of the society.
  2. Complete Islamic atmosphere is provided to the students which is always a need of an Islamic state. This is provided to maintain the moral and ethical values in the students.
  • The atmosphere of the college is excellent and best subjects are part of the classes. Students are given up to education according to the defined level in the state and whole world.
  1. The teaching staff is consist of civil-army professors who are giving their best efforts to provide quality education and make them an asset for the country.
  2. A modern library increase the worth of college where students are able to read all the relevant and advance books that is required for their course.
  3. College teaching staff is providing complete training to the students for the purpose of commission in forces because most of the students in Cadet College have plan to serve the course by selection is forces. This is the best institute that provide training according to the requirement.
  • For the purpose of ISSB, the college conduct special training to the students.

Special Notes

  1. For the purpose of admission students are advised to collect and submit the application forms till January 20th
  2. On college prospectus, all the details related to admission form and admission are given.
  • Students can purchase the prospectus from college after the submission of 800 rupees.
  1. Students can also purchase admission form through post. For this purpose, they need to send a bank draft of 900 rupees to the Principal of Cadet College, Chakwal.
  2. For the written exams and interview, applicants will be notified through post.

Campus details

Address and contact details for both boys and girls campus are given below.

Boys Campus

Talagung Road, Chakwal

Phone numbers: 0543-594040, 594368

Mobile numbers: 0344-0521399; 0321-5600765

Girls Campus

Opposite Zari Tahqati Adara, Thoha Bahadur, Talagung Road, Chakwal.

Phone number: 0543-594505-06

Mobile number 03319792408


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