How to get Passport in Pakistan

This topic of this article is “How to get Passport in Pakistan”. Every person who is known as Pakistan Citizen has right to take ‘Machine readable Passport’ to travel abroad But this is subject of all the codal formalities. For International travelling passport is the basic requirement. “Directorate General of Immigration and Passports of Ministry of Interior” is actually responsible to issue the passports. Biometric and machine readable passports are being issued currently from different regional offices of passports and the embassies of Pakistan. Interior ministry is now planning to start E-Passport for the people soon. Biometric passports were introduced in 2004 and since then over 7 million people have issued the passports. The printing of these passports is the responsibility of NADRA which is a government agency. Pakistan doesn’t allow its citizen to travel Israel. This is the reason the passport is good for all the countries except Israel.

There are three types of Passports as per “Passport Act, 1974” those are issued to the people or citizens. These are given below:


  • Ordinary Passport


Ordinary passport which is machine readable is valid and issued to every Pakistani citizen.


  • Diplomatic Passport



These passports are for the Diplomats or other people who fell in this ‘entitled categories’ under ‘Para-45 of passport and Visa Manual 2006’.



  • Official Passport


These are issued to the Senators, Provincial ministers, MNA’s, Judges of High Courts or Supreme Court of Pakistan, Government officers having some scale or grade for official assignments or other citizens doing some Government job etc. The law and rules of official passport is given in ‘Para 9 of passport and visa manual. 2006’

To get Passport every citizen needs to follow following a process. These process is given in steps.


Every applicant needs to follow these stages but first of all he or she should reach the “Regional Passport Office” or RPO to obtain their “Machine Readable Passport”.

  1. An applicant should arrive at the “Customer Service Counter” and here he or she should collect the information which will be helpful to understand the whole process of acquiring the passport. This is a basic step and citizens should follow it accordingly.
  2. Second step is to go on the Token counter. Token counter is the place where applicants will collect their token or slip to proceed according to their number. Here you need to follow the process of photograph capturing which is required for the passport. There is no need to take your old photograph while visiting the passport office because they only need your fresh photograph on the day of applying the passport.
  3. The next step is known as “Biometric data capturing”. In this step the finger print is required because this is essential and important for the identity of applicant. Finger prints are also required to prove your identity while travelling abroad.
  4. The next step is data entry. Data entry is the process where all of your personal information will be added in the system. This information is related to your name, gender, date of birth, address etc. Make sure that all the information which is added is correct.
  5. The next step is verification according to the record of office. Here all the information which is added earlier will be verified.
  6. The next step is Interview which should be taken from the side of Assistant director who is authorized for it. After the interview Assistant director will be decide whether the person is fine for the passport or not.
  7. The last step is called “Passport delivery counter”. In this step you just need to keep the invoice or slip which is given to you after all the steps given above for the collection of passport.


‘Regional passport offices’ are made in various zones. Right now these are in Islamabad, Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, FATA, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan as well as in Foreign missions. The system to acquire the passport is useful and meet all the safety measures. When the passport is dispatched and delivered to the ‘applicants’ from the headquarters then it could be easily tracked from ‘Online passport tracking system’ and SMS. To reach the destination from Regional Passport office or from foreign mission it may take time of shipment.


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